Video crimen

En las últimas clases de lengua estuvimos escribiendo cuentos sobre crímenes.Nuestra profesora de Lengua nos pidió que hagamos un video sobre uno de los cuentos.trabaje con Matías Hartmann, Facundo Segura, Nicolás Grosso, Felícitas De Simone y Juana Navarro


Cuento de video:

Mi detective:

Mi cuento:

Small intestine

in our last lab class our teacher brought us a cow small intestine.We cut it open and were able to see the vili and the tissue.Our teacher asked us to draw it


Dissecting a heart

Some weeks ago on our lab class the teacher brought us a cow heart to dissect.We cut it open and observe it.Then we started yo differentiate the parts of the heart such as the ventricles,atriums,pulmonary vein, pulmonary artery, aorta, vena caba and the valves.We also cut it into two different halves in order to analyze it further and then we draw it

Trabajo de derechos

En las últimas clases de Ética estuvimos hablando y viendo los distintos derechos y sus distintas generaciones.Luego de esto hicimos un trabajo grupal acerca de los trabajos colectivos en donde teníamos que elegir un problema con dichos derechos, nuestro grupo eligió el medio ambiente .Trabaje con Carolina Cremona, Paz Bernusi y Nicolás Grosso. Continuar leyendo «Trabajo de derechos»

The moving finger

In the last literature class we read a story named The moving finger by Edith Wharton.Before reading it our teacher asked us to do some research about the writer.I worked with Serena Braun Urien

-born in 24 of January 1862 in New York, United States

-died in 11 of August 1937 in France because of a stroke

– She used to write a lot of novels, tales and she used a lot of irony

-She criticized novels

-“This story is gothic and explores the Uncanny” means that it explores something familiar that becomes strange or mysterious and that is difficult or impossible to explain



In the last biology class we had seen the electriocardiogram, how is it that they work and what for. Our teacher asked us to take notes


En las ultimas clases de geografia estuvimos viendo y hablando acerca de Europa.nuestro profesor nos pido hacer un trabajo acerca de los regugiados, los relieves y los climas de Europa.




Biology practical class

In the last class in the lab we tested the reaction of starch and amylase when it was mixed with iodine solution.First we had to put a drop of starch with a drop of iodine solution to see if iodine was working correctly, If it was working correctly the starch would change its collie to black or blue and if not it would stay the same.Then we mixed starch with amylase and put ten separated drops of it.Finally we put a little bit of iodine solution in the other drops every one minute.If the solution turned black it meant that amylase didn’t break down starch yet, however if the solution remained yellow it meant that amylase broke down starch into maltose.To verify that starch was broken down into maltose you could use Benedict because it would only cause a reaction in maltose but not in starch.

teacher blog with instructions: