The moving finger

In the last literature class we read a story named The moving finger by Edith Wharton.Before reading it our teacher asked us to do some research about the writer.I worked with Serena Braun Urien

-born in 24 of January 1862 in New York, United States

-died in 11 of August 1937 in France because of a stroke

– She used to write a lot of novels, tales and she used a lot of irony

-She criticized novels

-“This story is gothic and explores the Uncanny” means that it explores something familiar that becomes strange or mysterious and that is difficult or impossible to explain


Romeo and Juliet Previously

Today at class we were told to do a summery about Romeo and Juliet act 1. I worked with Felícitas de Simone and Juana Navarro .

At the beginning of act 1 there was a fight between the Capulet household and de Montague household in which Benvolio and Tibalt form part of it. Later on the Capulet family threw a party in wich Romeo and Benvolio(two Montague) and their friend Mercutio went without knowing who’s party was.When they were at the party Romeo met Juliet and felt in love at first sight forgetting his superficial and sexual love for Rosaline. Romeo and Juliet talked a little before having their first kiss.