The boy who harnessed the wind

On language class we watched a movie and then the teacher gave us a guide with activities.

William Kamkwamba is the protagonist of this movie, he also is a teenagers who lived in Malawi.When the rains and the drought came to his village the land could not be planted because there was no water left for the plants to grow so the village was going through a period of hunger.when this happened William started investigating a way of have water again.William found an answer to this problem by making a windmill and using the wind to have electricity and water.Thanks to this the habitants could plant the earth

-Malawi is a very poor place where the houses are small and filthy there was no electricity and the weather was unstable too,thanks to this sometimes the harvest is not really good.There where long periods of drought and long periods of rains


In the last language class we were told to choose some connectors and to write examples with them.

Addition:the sun sets and then the night fell

Comparison:that girl sings in the same way as my sister

Contrast:the concert was too short however it was really good

Time:at that time she didn’t know what she wanted to do

Result:Tom was hungry and there wasn’t food at his house so he went to a restaurant

Summery:If I had to sum up  in one word, it would be comfort

Example:if you want to win the race you have to be fast such as Tom

Place:in the from of my countryside there is a circus

War horse medal

At last language class, we were told by the teacher to do an activity on groups about why Joey(from the book “War horse”)should receive a medal.I worked with Carolina Cremona and Mora Malenchini.