Proteins and reducing sugars lab report

On our last lab class we did a test about reducing sugars and proteins in urine.

Reducing sugars test:

In the beginning we put 10 drops of Benedict in each different patient urine sample.After that we put both samples in water bath and wait to see if there is any change in them.If the color of the sample changed(red) it means that there is presence of glucose and if it solidified there is presence of protein because they solidify because of the heater.

In my opinion, if this happens it means that your kidneys aren’t working correctly because glucose is not being reabsorbed.


In the first place we put 10 drops of biuret solution in different samples.If the color changed to purple, it means that there is presence of proteins however, if it remained the same it means that there is an absence of proteins in urine.This happens because biuret reacts with proteins.

In my opinion if this happens it is because filtration isn’t working correctly because proteins that are big molecules, are being filtrantes when they shouldn’t.



Today in our biology class we studied about how the kidneys work.Our teacher told us to get in our previous system groups and work on a step of how kidneys work.Then she asked us to take notes of the other steps.My system is digestive system and I worked with Santiago Yezze, Paz Bernusi, Matias Campion and Facundo Segura.

Step 7:


Carbon dioxide lab practice

In our last lab class we were able to understand Carbon dioxide and how it is excreted from our body.Our teacher asked us to do an experiment using a candle, a thermometer and a tube filled with lime water which is a solution that reacts when it is in contact with carbon dioxide.Finally she asked us to take notes to answer some questions 

teachers blog(questions/experiment):

answer to questions:

1a)The temperature of the thermometer went up from 29° to 30º because of the heat that we transmites after we exhale

1c)After blowing into the tube, the limewater turned whitish because it reacted to carbon dioxide

1d)After blowing in the glowing candle, the glow became reddish and more smoke came out of it because of the oxygen and carbon dioxide we transmitted in our breath

Kidney-lab work

On our last biology class in the lab our teacher brought a bovine kidney so that we could study it.We cut it open into to halves and were able to see the inside

Small intestine

in our last lab class our teacher brought us a cow small intestine.We cut it open and were able to see the vili and the tissue.Our teacher asked us to draw it


Dissecting a heart

Some weeks ago on our lab class the teacher brought us a cow heart to dissect.We cut it open and observe it.Then we started yo differentiate the parts of the heart such as the ventricles,atriums,pulmonary vein, pulmonary artery, aorta, vena caba and the valves.We also cut it into two different halves in order to analyze it further and then we draw it


In the last biology class we had seen the electriocardiogram, how is it that they work and what for. Our teacher asked us to take notes