Tp conflictos

En las últimas clases estuvimos viendo los distintos conflictos y sus soluciones. Hicimos un trabajo práctico grupal y luego un ensayo individual acerca de nuestro trabajo.Trabaje con Lucas Vorbeck , Paz Bernusi, Felícitas de Simone y Juansi Machado.Nuestro tema era conflictos y bullying.

Tp grupal:

Ensayo personal:

Proteins and reducing sugars lab report

On our last lab class we did a test about reducing sugars and proteins in urine.

Reducing sugars test:

In the beginning we put 10 drops of Benedict in each different patient urine sample.After that we put both samples in water bath and wait to see if there is any change in them.If the color of the sample changed(red) it means that there is presence of glucose and if it solidified there is presence of protein because they solidify because of the heater.

In my opinion, if this happens it means that your kidneys aren’t working correctly because glucose is not being reabsorbed.


In the first place we put 10 drops of biuret solution in different samples.If the color changed to purple, it means that there is presence of proteins however, if it remained the same it means that there is an absence of proteins in urine.This happens because biuret reacts with proteins.

In my opinion if this happens it is because filtration isn’t working correctly because proteins that are big molecules, are being filtrantes when they shouldn’t.