The start of the Cold War: looking back on my work

On the last history online class our teacher asked us to do a reflection about the work that we’ve been doing throughout these months. She also asked us to choose three activities that we did and we liked and another one that we could have done better the. explain why is it that we chose it. 


A)Berlín blockade notes:

In this activity we had to take notes after we watch a video about the events during the Berlin blockade. I chose it because it helped me understand more the blockade and why it took place. 

B)Mock question + essay:

In this excercise we had to write an essay about the connection between the Cold War and the Soviet expansion through Eastern Europe in groups. 

I chose this activity because It was fun to work in groups (I worked with Emilia Varela and Valentina Pease) and I liked writing the essay about the Soviet expansion and it’s connection to the Cold War which helped me study as well

3)Múltiple intelligence:

In this activity I worked with Emilia Varela and Valentina pease. We separated the different tasks and I had to do a song about Churchill iron curtain speech and explain two sources that I had to search for. I found very entreating to create the song and search for the music. 

This activity helped me to understand the two different point of views that persisted during the Cold War. 

2. Cold war documentary notes:

I chose this activity because Eventhough I enjoyed watching the documentary, it was a little long so the notes I took were disorganized and harder to understand than my other notes. 

3.I attended to all of the classes and participated as much as I could but I was unable to join meets because of my WiFi.
My individual work was good with some mistakes and I contributed to my group the same as my other group mates so I’m the note that I would give to my performance is an 8.