Reflecting on virtual classes

During our writing and speaking skills class our teacher asked us to write our opinion about virtual classes and how do we study. 

Until now I’m really enjoying virtual classes since I used to go to online school so nothing is new to me,and this way of studying is much easier and comfortable for me. Even though it would be nice to see everyone face to face, thanks to technology we can keep communicated so I don’t really miss face to face classes since I’m already used to online classes. 

I’ve been doing quarantine in my countryside and I only have WiFi in specific places so I have to go there With the car and stay till classes are over. 

Presentation: Hyde park

In our online speaking and writing class our teacher asked us to post One of the oral presentations we did in past classes.

-Hyde Park

i chose this presentation because eventhough i didn’t choose what to talk about, I really enjoyed working in pairs and I’ve always loved London and talking about one of the most important parks of it was fun. A interesting thing about Hyde park is that during the Black Death Londoners went there to escape from it and to avoid getting infected


During last week we wrote some interesting writings in our online clases. After finishing these writings our teacher asked us to choose two writings and say why we chose them.
The gold Cadillac summary:

I chose this writing because I really enjoyed reading the story and even though the writing was short it was very fun And relación to do it as it wasn’t so hard.


I chose this writing because we were supposed to write about a local festival and I went to Lollapalooza last year and have a wonderful time and writing about it made me remember everything I went through during the festival and it was really nostalgic and enjoyable