Biology practical class

In the last class in the lab we tested the reaction of starch and amylase when it was mixed with iodine solution.First we had to put a drop of starch with a drop of iodine solution to see if iodine was working correctly, If it was working correctly the starch would change its collie to black or blue and if not it would stay the same.Then we mixed starch with amylase and put ten separated drops of it.Finally we put a little bit of iodine solution in the other drops every one minute.If the solution turned black it meant that amylase didn’t break down starch yet, however if the solution remained yellow it meant that amylase broke down starch into maltose.To verify that starch was broken down into maltose you could use Benedict because it would only cause a reaction in maltose but not in starch.

teacher blog with instructions:

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