Sickle cell anaemia + malaria

Today in biology class we watched a video and shared information about sickle cell anaemia and malaria.After this she asked us to do some activities and to take notes. I worked with Juana Navarro

Note Taking

-Sickle cell anaemia
Caused by a mutation
Changed shape of red blood cell
HN HN normal haemoglobin
HN Hn some abnormal haemoglobin but it’s not going to be life threatening
Hn Hn abnormal haemoglobin and sickle cell anaemia that will be life threatening

Transmitted through mosquitoes
Caused by a parasite that invaded red blood cells
HN Hn and Hn Hn are resistant to this disease because the parasite is unable to invade and to reproduce in sickle cell anaemia
HN HN is at higher rosca of contracting malaria in a malarial country
Both diseases concise in tropical areas because of the selective advantage of th Hn allele in providing protection against malaria

3 ideas:

-Hn Hn is more life threatening  than malaria

-Natural selection helps HN Hn to survive against malaria and sickle cell anaemia

-Sickle cell anaemia happens when oxygen concentration is low causing the faulty haemoglobin to produce fiber that will pull red blood cells into a sickle shape and get stucked in the capillaries

2 question

-which are the places that are most infected by malaria?

-Which is the treatment of sickle cell anaemia?

1 metaphor

-sickle cell anaemia is a disease that will make you drown slowly

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