Note taking

Today our teacher explained us about sickle cell anaemia and about selective breeding.Then she asked us to take notes.

Sickle cell anaemia
-HbA:codes for normal haemogllbin
-HbS:faulty type in haemoglobin
-Sickle cell crisis:when HbS produces fiber inside blood cells when oxygen concentration is low causing the red blood cells to be pulled in a sickle shape and get styled in blood capillaries
-The two alleles are codominant
-HbA HbA:normal haemoglobin
-HbA HbS:mix of normal and sickle cell hadmoglobin
-HbS HbS:sickle haemoglobin
-Malaria:caused by a single-celled parasite that is injected in the blood by mosquitoes
-HbS HbA:were more resistant to malaria

Selective breeding
-The breeder choose es the individuals with characteristics he or she wants to be passed to their offspring and let just them breed(Artificial selection)

-If this process is repeated over many generations, these characteristics will be more common than they used to be

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