Darwin,Lamark and Wallace

Today at biology class we were told to do some activities about evolution.I worked with Juana Navarro

1a)Most birds don’t prey on the Hypolimnas because they are similar to Amauris which have an unpleasant taste and because of it birds assume that Hypolimnas are Amauris so they don’t prey them.

1b)The wings of Hypolimnas changed over the generation thanks to mutations that helped them to survive.This way animals don’t prey on them because they think they are Amauris which has an unpleasant taste.The ones that didn’t have this mutations were eaten by other animals.

2a)What Lamark would have said is that the sword fish sword got longer  through their lifetime because they used it to protect themselves from predator and this acquired caracteristics were passed to their offsprings when they reproduced

2b)Darwin would say that over the generations the sword fish had some mutations such as their sword that got longer and thanks to this they were able to survive while the ones that didn’t have this mutation died.Later on this mutation was passed tho their offsprings

3a)Lamarck would say that as the giraffes needed to eat the leaves of the trees, they needed to have a long neck to reach the leaves. That’s why he would explain that since the giraffes stretched their neck so much to reach their food, and it would grow, so when they would reproduce they new organisms would have a neck that would be getting longer and longer.

3b)Darwin would say that as giraffes couldn’t reach trees, thanks to mutation, when reproducing, the new organisms would start having longer and longer necks than their ancestors to survive.

4)Over generations mammoth were able to evolve thanks to mutations.The mammoths that mutate were able to survive to colder places thanks to their fur and the ones that didn’t mutate died because of the low temperature  so the ones that survived reproduced and passed their mutation to their offspring



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