Variation and Adaptation

In our last Biology classes, we have been working with variation and adaptation.Then we were told to do some activities from our teacher’s blog.This are the answers to the activities.I worked with Emilia Varela

-What i learnt today:

What is variation when it helps an organism to survive?

How does the enviroment affects variation?

What are the differences between variation, adaptation and mutation?

How does an organism variate?

-Video 1:

Author:Steve Pratt

-Video 2:

Author:Mr Pollok

Bibliography/sources:AQA AS unit 2 Biology students

-Video 3:

Author:Mr Fox’s Science classrom

-These videos are linked to Geography since they talked about how species adapt to different enviroments and History because they say that they evolved through the years, what relates it with History since it happened millions of years ago.

-Three things featured in all birds are:feathers,wings and beak.


-Video 1:Organism’s Mutation

-Video 2:Why Organisms Variate

-Video 3:How Variation Becomes Adaptation

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